Market Research

Any business decision must be based on high quality research. IPS Marketing has extensive experience in providing accurate and robust market research upon which important business decisions can be made.

Any company with practical experience will recognise the value of high quality market research. Accurate and well-interpreted research can identity and confirm new markets, find explanations for underperformance relative to competitors, and help to avert bad business decisions. Research has countless additional roles, and is one of the most important tools for maintaining and developing a successful company.

IPS Marketing has decades’ worth of experience in planning and producing market research of the highest quality, upon which many valuable business decisions have been made. Our experience in this field is comprehensive, and includes the following key elements:

  • Domestic and international research scope
  • Market overview reports
  • In-depth product and service market reports
  • Analysis of primary and secondary data
  • Market structure and competition analysis
  • Market interpretation
  • Regulatory and financial research
  • Digital and hard-copy presentation
  • Prompt research turnaround times

IPS Marketing can provide market research as a standalone service, or as a component of any other marketing strategy.


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