Workshops, Seminars and Courses

IPS Marketing specialises in conducting unique, high quality workshops, seminars and courses, designed specifically for businesses looking to develop their workforce’s skills.

IPS Marketing conducts a range of seminars, workshops and courses in many areas of business and marketing. These services are regularly used by clients including major UK banks, universities and businesses. IPS Marketing also offers seminars, workshops and courses tailored to specific content requirements, durations and group sizes – please submit an enquiry for further details or a quote.

Business and marketing topics covered in our most popular seminars and workshops include:

  • General Marketing
  • Market Strategy and Selling Skills
  • Sales Techniques
  • Franchising
  • Export Awareness

IPS Marketing Half-Day Workshops OverviewIPS Marketing Business Workshops

IPS Marketing also specialises in Business Planning courses, ranging in duration from half-day workshops to comprehensive week-long courses. Please follow the link below to our contact page for further details on our Business Planning courses and any of our workshops, seminars and courses.


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