Business Planning & Development

Do you wish to explore a new business development plan? Is your company in a position to expand? From developing existing markets to international trade, IPS Marketing can guide your business toward your goal.

If your company is looking to expand its market, as a first step IPS Marketing can offer a complete diagnostic business review of your company – in essence a “company health check”. This should highlight and deficiencies the business may have and offer practical solutions, which will enable you to put the company in the best possible position to expand and develop. Following on from this health check, a plan of action would be put in place to identify and develop potential new markets either in the UK or overseas.

IPS Marketing’s services in business expansion includes the following elements:

Business planning

  • Complete business review
  • Long-term strategy development
  • Development of business objectives
  • Implementation of monitoring procedures

Business development

  • Reviews of existing expansion plans
  • Consolidation options
  • Development of expansion strategies
  • Implementation of expansion strategies

For more details on international expansion, please see the Exporting and International Trade page.


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