Exporting & International Trade

Would your business benefit from access to a substantially larger market? It is now easier than ever to expand the size of your customer base by exporting. IPS Marketing has extensive experience in helping companies to engage in international trade.

International trade is now easier than ever for businesses of any size. Many companies are discouraged by exporting due to practical and regulatory barriers; IPS Marketing has worked with many companies to overcome these concerns and realise their business’s overseas potential. For businesses that overcome these barriers, exporting can transform a company through increased sales and significant competitive advantages.

IPS Marketing has extensive practical experience in every step of the export process, from researching potential overseas markets to facilitating the efficient transportation of goods overseas. IPS Marketing’s areas of expertise within international trade include the following:

  • International trade opportunities research
  • Target-market consumer research
  • Export feasibility studies
  • Domestic and target-market regulatory advice
  • Duties and tariff advice
  • Formation of international expansion strategies
  • Implementation of export strategies
  • State- and local-level export support advice
  • Goods transportation


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