Are your staff fit for their jobs? Is your company suffering from poor skills? Do you take on your staff’s work as a result? IPS Marketing can assist in training and managing your staff’s performance.

Businesses are run, managed and developed by people. If those people are lacking the skills needed for their job, the whole company will suffer. IPS Marketing can analyse your staff’s abilities, recognise where their skill deficiencies are, and develop bespoke training packages to improve their performance. In every circumstance this leads to better overall company performance and, ultimately, greater profits.

A training review can be undertaken as a stand alone operation or incorporated as part of an overall “company health check,” as described in our Business Planning and Development section. IPS Marketing’s training assistance services include the following categories:

  • Telephone training
  • Man management
  • Sales techniques
  • Delegation
  • Marketing methods
  • Reporting procedures
  • Time management
  • Target setting


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